I started taking pianos lessons from Inna three and half years ago at the age of 56. I was completely new to the piano. Starting piano at such late stage in life, I dared not to expect much from myself. To my surprise, now I am playing a Brahms intermezzo and a Mozart piano sonata (no. 18). Along the way, Inna has taken me through pieces by Schumann, Bach, Chopin, Clementi, Beethoven, Schubert, and many others. Inna is a great teacher - gentle, patient, astute, and knowledgeable. She is also an accomplished pianist, trained in the Russian School. If you are willing to practice, Inna will take you as far as you would like to go and even beyond what you expect of yourself.    


   Inna has taught piano to our three boys since 2011.  We chose to introduce our boys to piano to foster an appreciation of music and compliment a well-rounded education.  While interest levels vary among our three boys, Inna has always approached each with the same level of patience, energy and passion.  We are an active family, and our boys are all multi-sport athletes.  So, scheduling is always a challenge.  Inna has always been understanding and accommodating to our needs.  As our long-time patronage can attest, we are extremely happy to have Inna teach our boys and will be very sad when our youngest does his last recital under Miss Inna!    


   Inna has taught piano to our three boys since 2011.  We chose to introduce our boys to piano to foster an appreciation of music and compliment a well-rounded education.  While interest levels vary among our three boys, Inna has always approached each with the same level of patience, energy and passion.  We are an active family, and our boys are all multi-sport athletes.  So, scheduling is always a challenge.  Inna has always been understanding and accommodating to our needs.  As our long-time patronage can attest, we are extremely happy to have Inna teach our boys and will be very sad when our youngest does his last recital under Miss Inna!    

~ Laura

  Ms. Inna has been our son's piano teacher for five years.  

During this time we've come to love her and look forward to each piano lesson.  

She is very dedicated, a patient teacher, she strives to develop the full potential of her students. 

She focuses on building a strong foundation in music theory in addition to a nice, wide repertoire of songs. Ms. Inna believes that experience performing is important, and she organizes bi-annual recitals for her students, to which we, parents look forward and enjoy seeing the growth of our children.  We are truly grateful to have her as a piano teacher


   Mrs. Inna Spevak is a passionate, dedicated and professional piano teacher. Our three daughters – ages 8, 10 and 11 started lessons with Inna about 3 years ago. Since the very beginning we could see constant improvement. Each lesson contains some theory, technique and of course music pieces practice.  Each lesson brings something new. In the first 4-6 months with Inna our daughters learned more than in 2 years with the previous teacher :) I love about Inna that she treats every student individually. Many music teachers use just method books and don’t put any effort or creativity into teaching. Inna is different. She chooses exercises and music pieces accordingly to skills level, and puts extra work in the areas where kids need it. Inna also has this rare talent to make children feel comfortable and to set expectations high at the same time. I can honestly recommend Mrs. Inna to the families who treat music lessons seriously and expect significant improvement week after week. However, be prepared to work – Mrs. Inna expects her students to practice and do homework. Also, be prepared to see amazing results in no time. And be prepared to see how big potential your child has!    


  My son finally found a great piano teacher. She concentrates on technique which is so important. He is now playing some really challenging pieces which I never thought he could.    


   Inna is an excellent and accomplished piano teacher. Her friendly demeanor makes it easy for kids to feel comfortable around her and talk to her. She works at each child’s individual level and is always very encouraging. We love the bi-annual recitals. It’s wonderful to see the growth of each student and to be a part of an exceptional group of talented kids. 5 stars!!!    


  The passion for music and teaching Inna has is unparalleled. She works with her students methodically, and strives to elevate their playing to their personal best. Her warm demeanor and ease with our children made taking lessons enjoyable.  In addition to weekly lessons, She helped them prepare  for quarterly  recitals and occasional competitions. Both kids benefited immensely from their experiences.  I encourage you to try her out – you won’t be disappointed.    

~Ramin and Marina

   Ms. Spevak has been teaching piano to our sons since 2005.  Our twin boys had started to learn to play piano at the age of 5 and now are almost 12 years old.  Since Inna has been working with them, they have progressed tremendously.  Recently, they played in Granquist competition and both achieved very high scores. There are many reasons we credit Ms. Spevak for our sons' success. First and foremost, it is the passion that she has for music and piano.  She is an accomplished pianist herself and she is able to transfer her enthusiasm to her students.  Many times our boys came home excited about a new piece that they were to learn after they picked it together with their teacher.  They also understand that learning to play an instrument is hard work, as their teacher emphasizes the importance of work ethics and always trying your best.  Ms. Spevak is very professional and has high expectations, clearly communicating them to her students.  Though she has many students, she is quite accommodating with parents' and students' scheduling constraints.  She expects dedication from her students, not only during the lessons, but during the time that is required to practice at home.   We are going to continue to ask Ms. Spevak to teach our sons because we sincerely believe that she is the best.    


   We have enjoyed  attending weekly lessons with Inna for over ten years.  Inna is patient, kind, dedicated and knowledgeable.   I have three boys and Inna has the perfect blend for us of giving individual attention yet calling families to a standard of excellence. This is quite a challenge with three different boys in my family and she works very well with them, and I see her applying this skill with all the other students.  She started my children off on the right track and we never looked elsewhere because of her reasonable rates and flexible schedule. Her recitals are a wonderful and enjoyable evening of fine music of all levels.  Inna's professionalism and dedication to her craft make her a wonderful choice for the beginner or a serious student.   Inna has fantastic people skills and uses them to teach students of many different learning styles and nationalities.  Her flexibility with families of many different backgrounds is evident as she teaches all levels with sensitivity and commitment to excellence.  The students experience success quickly and they enjoy the challenge because of her ability to determine which piece is next for them in her wide musical curriculum.  She is a rare find and is someone who will motivate and encourage children to success for years to come because of her passion for piano.    

~Thomas Z., M.D.

   Though we were not knowledgable in music ourselves, we wanted to find a piano teacher for our 5 year old son who would strive for excellence, but in a way that would encourage our son and make it a fun experience for him as well. We wanted our son to learn to play the piano according to the best European classical music tradition. With our pickiness it seemed a tall order. But with Inna we found the perfect music teacher. Inna's methods combine the time-tested, solid teaching tools of the excellent Russian school of music with her personal style of approaching the child with warmth and encouragement that is individualized to the child's abilities. Inna does not underestimate the ability of a young child to advance steadily in their learning, while at the same time understanding that this advance in skill may slow down at times and at other times may continue at a more solid pace. The result is that you will be pleasantly surprised in how much your child advances in their ability to play the piano, but Inna will effectively encourage your child to persevere through any problems that may occur, without your child losing heart. And you will never have to change teachers, as Inna is equally excellent in improving the abilities of those quite advanced in their piano skills, fine tuning them to a concert-level performance. We are eagerly awaiting to have our other children start learning to play the piano with Inna.    


   Inna has been such a great influence for my daughter.  She was ear trained and dependent on me for all practice work.  Within months after starting lessons with Inna, she became very independent and able to read all the notes and sight read.  Her playing became more bold and confident as well.  This was very important to my family since my husband went back to school leaving less availability for a parent to be able to sit with her at practice time.  Additionally, Inna provides a balance of theory, drills, and music repertoire that helps round out my daughter’s skills.  She has created a fun and family friendly environment where I am invited to stay as I like, or run errands such as driving my son to his activities.    


   Both of my boys have received coaching from Inna for 8 years all together.  Out of the three teachers they have worked with, they like her the best.  Where Inna stands out is her enthusiasm and flexibility.  Not only is she a talented pianist herself, she is also great at encouraging kids to get the best out of their potentials.  I like her approach to have kids enjoy playing and understanding music, instead of taking the lesson for a mechanical exercise.  We have referred Inna to our friends and neighbors over the past few years.  It is great to witness the growth of her young students during semi-annual recitals.  When it comes to music, we appreciate her style and the results.    


   Inna Spevak is an excellent piano teacher with vast experience and deep knowledge of music. Ever since our son David (age 11) began piano lessons with her, we have been amazed by the tremendous progress he has made in only one year. Most wonderful of all has been the love for piano he has developed under her guidance. Her patient and encouraging teaching methods allow a child to feel very comfortable with her. At the same time she demonstrates a high standard of quality through which a student is motivated to strive for excellence. David is now able to play challenging pieces with skill and is looking forward to advancing in his knowledge of piano.  She is also understanding and flexible with the schedule when necessary. We are very satisfied with her piano instruction as parents and look forward to starting our younger children in piano with her.    

~Anna P.

   Inna is very patient with my 6 year old. She understands his developmental stage and teaches accordingly. My child has a great rapport with Inna and enjoys learning as a result.     


   After 3 years of piano lessons, my son was about to drop it all together due to lack of interest and enthusiasm. Then some other parents recommended Inna to us. Soon after taking class from Inna, my son's interest in the lessons and practice took a dramatic leap forward, and his skills improved very quickly. He has been with Inna for 4-5 years, and now he can play the most challenging pieces skillfully and has won several competitions   


   Ms Inna is my son's second piano teacher. We've seen my son's improvements right after this change:  his interests on piano came back; he likes to ask questions and discusses with Ms Inna in the class; he listens to Ms Inna and plays much better! We are very happy to have him transferred to Ms Inna. My husband even asked me: why did not you know Ms Inna before our son started the first piano lesson?     

~Illia ad Natalia

   Our son began his first piano lessons with Inna about a year ago. He’s now already reading music quite well considering his young age (6). He is playing Hanon, Bach and Chopin pieces. We are very happy with the results we are seeing so far and for someone who has formally studied classical piano for over 15 years, I find my son’s progress so far to be remarkable. As a teacher, Inna is firm in her expectation with the student and flexible in her approach to the child’s personality. She has made piano fun for our son while presenting him with interesting and challenging materials. He loves coming to his piano lesson and is very proud of himself when he masters son’s/pieces.     


   Inna Spevak is a wonderful and inspiriting teacher. She has been my teacher for about eight years and always has pushed me to do my best. She always works hard so that her students maintain their posture, play with technique and the correct notes all while playing all of the dynamics and accents. She also teaches you something that many teachers may ignore, that is, to play with feelings. She always says “Good, you played it, but anyone can play it, so play it with feelings” she is a very good teacher and definitely knows quite a lot when it comes to playing the piano.    


   My 15 years old son and I are both Inna's piano students. I have been with Inna for about three years. Instead of just emphasizing practice,  which is important to every piano learner, Inna is very good in identifying the difficulties an adult piano learner has and would give instructions that work right at the spot. My son and I both feel that Inna is very enthusiastic in teaching and efficient in time management during class.  It is very easy to understand Inna's instruction because she is a very articulate piano teacher.  Inna is also very willing to accommodate the schedule of an adult learner whenever possible. I find Inna to be a very good piano teacher to both kids and adults alike.